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Do you have additional health issues?

What are other health issues you face besides your AxSpA/AS diagnosis?

  1. Lyme Disease is my other life partner. It has its ups and downs, and honestly I never really know which one is affecting me, the AS or the Lyme. They unfortunately have very different treatments. I used to treat my Lyme with heavy antibiotics, but in the end I either won victoriously, or it managed to mutate and better mimic my AS. I stopped treating my Lyme and am hoping treatment for AS is all I need.

    1. I was only diagnosed with A SpA 4 months ago after years of discomfort one way or the other. I have had pain in hips and sacroiliac joint for years. A small amount of psoriasis behind one ear started around 1 year ago, plantar fasciitis a few years ago and Uveitis about 18 months ago.
      I quite often keep new pains to myself as I don’t want to sound like I’m moaning and complaining all the time. Today’s delight is that the area between my ribs hurt. It was fine yesterday! I have just come on to this forum for the first time today and wasn’t previously aware of ‘flares’ and that other people also suddenly get pain in an area of the body for no apparent reason. Chest pain can be annoying as I had a heart attack 1 year ago tomorrow and it can be a bit disconcerting getting pain in that area. I am very positive person I think and consider myself fortunate not to have what I would call chronic pain as some of you seem to suffer. My heart goes out to you.
      Interesting to learn that a lot of people recommend to keep moving rather than rest when pain strikes. I shall endeavour to do this myself.

      1. Seems like you have very few options for treating your AS disease process. You and your rheumy may need to think outside the box and find an unconventional treatment option that does not put you and your heart and stomach at risk for more troublesome issues. I wish you well as you go about finding a healthy path on this journey. Again, if you find you need any other info, do not hesitate to log on and post a question in the Forum section or contact an advocate directly to see if we can offer up some valuable information pertaining to spondyloarthritis. Warmly ~ Rebecca (comm advc)

      2. Thanks Rebecca.

    2. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes I am confused as to who to blame for the pain: fibro or as

      1. Welcome to the sight, - toiling with more than one comorbidity can be so complicated. I go through this grind and sometimes have to try different strategies when dealing with my pain. For example my headaches - much of the time I don't know if it's AS, strained neck muscles from stress, migraines, MCAS/allergies/sinuses, or a cold/flu. I try one medication/treatment and continue down a long line of therapies until something works. Its rough. I don't have fibro so I am ignorant to the type of pain that comes with this disease. Not sure how to characterize it. If it's anything like enthesitis from AS, it is bad and hard to manage. I sympathize with you. I've struggled for years trying to manage this pain - really debilitating. Wishing you a warm welcome and a great start to the New Year. Rebecca (comm advc)

    3. I have mild psoriasis, fibro, and IBS. They all feel fairly under control right now. But they flare here and there. I had uveitis to many many years.

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