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Do different seasons bring on different symptoms?

For me, winter causes more lumbar, SI joints, and peripheral joint pain, whereas summer causes more fatigue, brain fog, and muscle pain.

I also have fibromyalgia and feel like that has most of the same symptoms regardless of the seasons (while extreme cold or heat can exacerbate symptoms, they are still the same kinds of symptoms).

  1. Hi!
    Yes great question! As I have AxSpa and fibromyalgia like you, I can relate to what you describe in terms of different symptoms at different seasons.
    Certainly in winter, I get more joints pain and muscles stiffness due to cold weather. Usually with heat pad, hot bath and stretching, I can manage 😉
    In Summer, it seems to be related to my blood circulation which is not the best with the heat...I get swollen feet and legs, and I feel that can trigger pain and aches if it's too hot.
    The ideal scenario for me is to have 20-25 degrees C all year long!!! And clearly, being in Scotland, I haven't picked the best destination for that. However with the global warming and current heat waves, I am enjoying our 25 degrees at the moment whilst it's over 40 degrees in my home town in France...
    Take care,

    1. - As it sounds, you deal with chronic pain all year round. What do you do to ease the symptoms during the different seasons? Hoping you get relief from a combination of medical therapies, medications, and modalities. Thanks for sharing this - wishing health and happiness. Rebecca (comm advc)

      1. Sounds similar to my pain cycle. In winter, I am lucky to have a day where I am not stiff and hurting if the weather is below mmmm 70 degrees. I recently moved back down to Phoenix where winters are mildly cool. It's a great time of year but can be chilly and painful at times. Heat helps - showers, heating pads, etc. and keeps me moving through the "cool" months. My summers are a little easier, I get up a little quicker, with less night and morning pain, and it's easier to roll out the meditation/yoga mat. Do need ice therapy a little bit more then but grateful I am able to sit on the floor without too much difficulty. Summers in AZ (when monsoon rolls in - Haboob season with dust storms) can be painful for other chronic comorbidities such as my migraine disease - the constant storms for 8-10 weeks and clouds rolling in and out feels like an antsy elephant sitting on my head and face. Ugh. Wishing you the best summer with minimal pain. Warmly ~ Rebecca

      2. Thanks for sharing Rebecca! Glad your summers are a bit easier, although I understand how rainy weather can exacerbate symptoms of axspa and other conditions as well. Wishing you a minimal pain summer as well

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