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What can I do to relieve my back pain, driving is killing me.

I have to drive to work every day, but I can't drive very long before my back hurts. Is there anything I can do to relieve it?

  1. I agree and also do most of these to drive. I also find doing pelvis tilt exercises helps as I drive, especially long distances.

    1. I feel your pain on this. I had to switch jobs and go remote because I was not able to drive long periods anymore. It was a hard decision to make. The driving has gotten a little better now. I make sure to take a warm shower before or use some heat. I also make sure to turn on the heating in the car even if it's warm outside.
      Sending you hugs,

      Nicky (Team member)

  2. I feel your pain. In my primary vehicle I have heated seats and they are a lifesaver. My current condition is such that I can’t even drive 5 miles without pain. But the other vehicles I drive do not have heated seats, this is what I have figured out. I have purchased memory foam cushions, the type used in wheelchairs to help support the tailbone and hip areas. And I have purchased heating pads(sunbeam seems to be the best)that say you can lay ON them. I also purchased an inexpensive voltage inverter. I plug the inverter into the “cigarette lighter” in my car then plug the heating pad prong plug into the inverter and I drape the heating pad over the top of the seat with the cord under the headrest. This helps keep it in place. I drive from Seattle, WA to Medford, OR every 6 weeks, it’s a 489 mile drive that takes between 8 and 10 hours. Both methods are huge life savers.

    1. Such great tips while in the car traveling. I am going to look into these items. Thx for being in the community and sharing your experiences with us. Rebecca (comm advc)

  3. Neck* exercises

    1. I am struggling with this myself. As with almost everything related to this disease, it’s the unpredictability that kills me. My chiropractor has helped me a lot with figuring out how to manage symptoms while driving but I have had a few instances where peripheral neuropathy in my hands & feet have caused them to cramp, tremor, or go numb while driving—very scary!—so I am very cautious about driving. Right now I’m on LTD bc of this & my employer refusing to allow work from home accommodations, plus other issues. Yesterday I drove to a friend’s house to meet her for a walk. 15 minutes but it was rough. I tried some ne l exercises at stoplights, plus adjusting my seat at stops so I’m not always in the exact same position the whole time. This helped me make it through. Having a car with an adjustable lumbar support built into the heated seat helps a lot. Just be careful with buying an external

      1. Hey ,

        It is a huge struggle having this disease. I can relate on this so much. I can see you are trying your best and don't forget it. Just taking that 15 minute walk, I know how hard that must of been for you. But should be so proud of yourself on achieving that accomplishment. Small steps. That's what I keep telling me myself.

        I am sorry to hear work is not being accommodating. I had to find something new in the job field where I can work remote and where they offered accommodations. It was hard, but I just couldn't deal with going to a place where no one understood, when you would not feel well or had to miss some days of work. I hope you find a way for them to listen and see that you need some help for work.

        Hope today you are doing well,

        Nicky (Community member)

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