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What type of exercises do you do?

I always try to do some sort of exercise. Whether it's going for a walk, doing some stretches, yoga, or lifting some light weights.
Recently, I have been feeling unmotivated to exercise.
Maybe we can motivate each other by sharing what exercises we do!

  1. Hey, that's ok to feel less motivated sometimes...and I guess the whole pandemic situation doesn't help. I felt very tired in March and it was difficult to keep active on top of my work. Now I am on holiday (staycation!) and I am really enjoying my exercise.
    Like you, I like walking, practicing yoga. I also have a road bike and now it's a good time to go for a ride to discover a new place after spending so much time at home or in my neighbourhood. I also do Somatics every week with a group of people with AS, it's really good for the joints, the pain and the posture. I highly recommend it - I have written an article about it of you want to find out more.
    And, for the past six years I have been doing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy every Monday with a group of people with AxSpa and this is also the best way for me to exercise in a supportive environment and keep the motivation!
    I would say that exercising with other people makes the difference as I keep my commitment to do it. For example, every Thursday for the past year, I have been stretching on zoom with a friend. We meet every week and we do out stretches, sometimes we do yoga, sometimes pilates, or a gym ball session, whatever we fancy to stretch for around 45 minutes and we can chat at the same time which is nice.
    I hope it gives you some ideas to keep active and enjoy it!
    Take care,

    1. On the Mat

      Stretching and range of motion are number one in my book when it comes to exercising. I have a hard time with low and high impact activity bc this disease affects my peripheral joints - ankles, knees, hips, etc. I'm the one doing the desk/chair stretching and yoga on the mat. Be well! Rebecca ( community moderator & contributor)

      1. The pain in my feet and other joints prevent me from doing anything other than short walks on the treadmill.
        I’ll be starting Humira once I check off the vaccination box and have skin lesions checked &/or removed.
        Hoping to feel better once on a biological & then I hope to feel like doing more in way of exercise.
        Ali, it’s okay to feel unmotivated & to take a day off. Enjoy the time off and start preparing your mind to get back at it tomorrow.
        Good luck, Ali. -David

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