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What type of exercises do you do?

I always try to do some sort of exercise. Whether it's going for a walk, doing some stretches, yoga, or lifting some light weights.
Recently, I have been feeling unmotivated to exercise.
Maybe we can motivate each other by sharing what exercises we do!

  1. I have the Total Gym which works great at giving lots of options with low impact. We got it at the start of the pandemic bc we stopped going to Pilates (which was also very helpful). Because of the glide board you can accomplish so much more than I could on my own. Many ways to articulate the back and keep the spine moving.
    Some days I use it for stretching and I try to do a solid 20 min workout 3 days a week. Those days are always better for me and it boosts my energy and mood.

    1. Hi @Ali Long ,
      Hope you doing well hun. I got to say getting motivation to move when in pain is sometimes really hard to find it in you, especially with chronic fatigue. I use to get angry at myself when not being able to get myself to get some sort of exercise and would just bring me down even more.

      For me moving around is part of my exercise routine. On days I haven't done much I try to move around the house. I have found I love to take small walks, outdoor. I usually try to do them later on the day when I usually feel a little better and get some energy or spoons.

      I do want to try some yoga from home. I haven't been motivated enough to use my yoga mat I bought 3 months ago. Hehe!!! It is still in my closet and only once used.

      I just started loving doing stretches and especially after a hot shower I find it is easier, as the hot water helps you muscles be less tensed and more flexible. If that makes sense.

      Take care,


  2. I always start my day with a stretch routine that I came up with a physio with exercises that loosen up my spine and hips. I do it every morning (or whenever my body allows me to wake up) and I think it has helped me tremendously.

    I also try to light weights 4-5 times a week if my body lets me, but I pay careful attention to not overdo it and make sure my form is controlled so I don't do myself any damage.

    One of my favourite purchases was definitely a set of resistance bands. They are very light on my joints and there are many routines on youtube that are easy to follow along to and it still feels like I am getting in a good work out!

    1. Walking and stretching...have tried some exercise videos for AS

      1. Thanks for sharing! I will have to try some exercise videos. Do you find these on YouTube? All the best, Ali (Community Member)

    2. Hey, that's ok to feel less motivated sometimes...and I guess the whole pandemic situation doesn't help. I felt very tired in March and it was difficult to keep active on top of my work. Now I am on holiday (staycation!) and I am really enjoying my exercise.
      Like you, I like walking, practicing yoga. I also have a road bike and now it's a good time to go for a ride to discover a new place after spending so much time at home or in my neighbourhood. I also do Somatics every week with a group of people with AS, it's really good for the joints, the pain and the posture. I highly recommend it - I have written an article about it of you want to find out more.
      And, for the past six years I have been doing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy every Monday with a group of people with AxSpa and this is also the best way for me to exercise in a supportive environment and keep the motivation!
      I would say that exercising with other people makes the difference as I keep my commitment to do it. For example, every Thursday for the past year, I have been stretching on zoom with a friend. We meet every week and we do out stretches, sometimes we do yoga, sometimes pilates, or a gym ball session, whatever we fancy to stretch for around 45 minutes and we can chat at the same time which is nice.
      I hope it gives you some ideas to keep active and enjoy it!
      Take care,

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