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Food Limitations

Which foods have you sacrificed, and has it really been worth it for improving your pain?

  1. I have decreased the number of acidic foods I eat - I was tested and have allergies to tomatoes and oranges - what a shame! Love them but wreak havoc on my IBS. Also reduced the high fructose and fried or fatty foods that I was ingesting, and overall feel better after eating - eliminating bloat that was making me feel worse. I would have so many stomach problems. . Although I love deli meats, I have cut back big time, as this irritates my stomach and makes me feel sluggish as well. I have looked into different diets and try to stick with a Mediterranean diet and do the best when eating most foods included in recipes. Rebecca

    1. I have also limited those food, and NO red meat at all. But I can't really say that I've felt a difference, even when I was really strict following this diet. Now i just take it as a "health issue" more than as a "pain managment issue". Definitely have lost weight 😀

      1. Hi Monica,
        The foods I have either completely eliminated or try to reduce as much as possible: gluten, dairy, processed industrial oils (canola, soybean etc) and processed sugars. I also limit red meat.

        I focus mostly on whole foods, lots of vegetables, healthy fats and carbs, grass-fed or wild-caught animal proteins.

        Those changes have been and are still very beneficial to reduce my pain. I've been mostly pain free the last two years. So definitely worth it to reduce inflammation via this way 😀
        It takes time and patience but you really get used to eating this way.

        Let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck!

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