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Introduce yourself to the community!

Sometimes the only people who understand are others who are living with AxSpA/AS. Your story may really help someone else.

Tell us about:

  • 1 fact about your life with AxSpA or your AxSpA journey

  • 1 of your favorite activities.

  • 1 person or pet important in your life!

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the community here in this forum!

  1. Hi everyone!

    That is a great initiative, thank you Matt.

    So here are my facts:
    - my life with AxSpa allows me to live in truth and aligned with my inner pace, which is slow! I lived years in a fast pace environment and I tried to keep up, until I thanks AxSpa for the important message there 😉

    - I have many favorite activities to be honest, but if I have to pick one it will be spending time with horses, grooming them, riding them and talking to them. They are magical and being with them is a pure delight and a therapy.

    - first person that comes to my mind is my closest friend who I have known since we were born (I won't say the number of years but it is decades) as our parents are friends too. She has always been here for me, and today we even share the back pain but not for the same reason 😉

    That's me! Looking forward to meeting some of you here.
    Take care everyone 😀

    1. Hi Julia!

      Thank you so much for your response! I think it's such an important message when you mentioned that AxSpA taught you to slow down. It taught me the same thing!

      Animals are such great therapy, I love that you have horses that you can spend time with! My kitty is my therapy most days 😀

      I hope you're doing well today, Julie! Take care!

      - Steff, Team Member

    2. Oh I love cats too! And dogs! Well I love animals!! I would like to live with a bunch of them 😀 Take care

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