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Looking for house slippers; any suggestions?

We recently moved from a carpeted home to a hardwood home. Pair that with AS and goodness my feet hurt! I use to just wear Snoozies but it seems I’ll need to graduate to something more supportive.
Looking for suggestions for wide feet and that are reasonably priced.
Thanks community!!

  1. Hi , i too have wooden floors and i wear Skechers inside the house but they're only for inside the house and used as slippers. They provide good support on the hips/sijs/lower back and don't feel as much impact

    1. ,
      It's great to hear you have found something that makes a difference for you.
      We certainly appreciate you sharing. Kindly, Doreen (Team Member)

  2. Hey ,

    My feet are pretty much as wide as they come and I have a pair of Adidas sliders that have served me well for a number of years and are as cheap as they are comfortable and reliable. They are pretty good for grip on my wooden floors as well.

    I hope you are able to find a comfortable and supportive pair soon!

    Best wishes,
    James (Community Member)

    1. To add to Rebecca's comment, many in this community have mentioned Crocs (or a similar version) as being helpful indoors and out. ~Doreen (Team Member)

      1. - I had a similar experience when we sold our home and moved into a temporary rental with tile floors. I started getting shin splints, Achilles pain, and my legs ached. I had to remind myself to wear slippers or supportive shoes to relieve this. I bought a pair of slip-on shower sandals that were spongy or a pair of slippers with thick soles. It helped 80% of the time. Some wear crocks, others slip-on athletic shoes. I've also had orthotics made to help ease the foot pain. I am curious to know what others in the community have done to assist them in walking on harder surfaces. Sending you warmth and healing. Rebecca (community moderator)

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