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Multiple Meds

Hi all, first time poster but I have been reading your stories and posts so thank you for sharing, it helps you not feel so alone in this.

I was diagnosed with axial SpondyloArthritis this week which I’m not surprised about as I’ve been on the journey with the symptoms for six months. I already have Crohn’s disease and am on humira for this so my doctors were a bit bummed that I’ve had break though axspa whilst on it so now they’re adding in methotrexate. I am of course nervous about new meds as I always am. I’m just wondering how many of you take a biologic and other immune modifying agents and what your experience has been transitioning to new meds etc.

  1. Hey ,

    Sorry to have to welcome you to this AS club that none of us applied to be a member of, but I suppose it is somewhat of a good thing that you have a diagnosis to explain all of the symptoms that you were experiencing!

    I am on methotrexate and Enbrel (another biologic) myself and I must say that they have worked wonders for me and really helped me keep my conditions managed for the most part!

    How have you been getting on with your treatment? I hope they have been just as helpful for you as well.

    Wishing you all the best,
    James (Community Member)

    1. MTX and a TNF inhibitor such as Humira is a common combination. Typically doctors prescribe them so that MTX is taken all at once in one dose per week. I personally prefer the MTX injections and I have had great success with that combined with each of the biologic medications I have used. I have never used Humira but rest assured it is often done......................... Rick

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