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Pain therapy

Had anyone taken Lyrica and/or done aqua therapy? If so, I would like to hear your about your experiences.

  1. I’ve taken lyrica and done some aqua therapy! Lyrica helped reduce some pain at first but then gradually stopped working for me. It also made me gain a lot of weight, most of it was just water retention but it was still surprising as I was not told it was a side effect. As for aqua therapy, I took a bunch of arthritis oriented classes that focused on doing low impact exercises in a warm pool. The exercises in the water helped a lot. I’m able to move around more in water. However, it was extremely tiring and I’d need to rest for a couple of days afterwards.
    How has your experience with lyrica and/or aqua therapy been?

    1. Hi All 😀

      Just going to put a trigger warning here as this is a sensitive post...!

      I've taken Lyrica on and off for the past two years (ish). It's the only thing that I've found that has really helped my pain and yes, can really help with sleep if that's an issue for you.

      Unfortunately, I can't take it anymore because it was severely affecting my mood and contributing to depression and suicidal ideation. This is actually one of the listed side effects, which I didn't know before I started taking it. It got to the point a few months ago where I was waking in the middle of the night crying. I've weened myself off it now and am enjoying a much more stable mood, but it took a lot to get back to 'normal'.

      I would caution that if anyone has a history or susceptibility with depression or these issues that you talk to your doctor about it before you start taking this drug. Or at least have a conversation about how you can monitor or manage these side effects if they become an issue.

      I'm happy to answer questions privately if anyone needs support with this... <3 <3

      p.s- I'm starting hydrotherapy next week and am very excited! I have high hopes for this one! 😀

      1. - Thanks for sharing this! Great advice for people to chat with their doctor about how medications can impact things like depression, etc. Best of luck with the hydrotherapy!! Let us know how it goes! -Anthony (Team Member)

    2. I have taken Lyrica and it has really helped with a good night's of rest. It also helps for the pain. My doctor did not want me to on it long term due to the side effects. It really does work. I take it when I have very bad pain only.

      1. I had a bad time with aqua therapy. My pelvis has issues as well as my knee. The therapist kept turning on the pump to make it walking against the stream. I hurt so bad about 5 hours later and the next day! Even with stretching etc. never again.

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