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Plans For The Summer?

We are officially in Summer!

I mean you would not be able to tell here in London at the moment as the weather is currently absolutely miserable. But hopefully that won't be lasting too long!

The Winter months definitely feel longer for those of us with AxSpa and I for one can't wait for the weather to warm up and ease my pain a bit so I can blow off some steam!

What plans have you got for this Summer?

  1. Hi!
    Well I think the weather got better in London after your post luckily! I went down for a weekend mid June and the sun was glorious, I had a great time seeing old friends and doing long walk in parks with my dog 😀
    I am looking forward to my reel first summer in Edinburgh as everything is now open! Quite few festivals to attend including Jazz festival in July and the Fringe in August, I am so excited about these!! Then I will go to France for two weeks holiday to see my family and friends down there.
    I usually feel quite good in France with the summer weather, the heat eases my symptoms and the sun helps with the aches and pain 😉
    How about you? What are you plans for this Summer?
    Take care,

    1. Haha I think the universe listened to my complaints here and gave me some sun to shut me up! Although the last few days have been a mixture of sun and rain, which has made picking an outfit pretty difficult!

      So glad to hear that you had a great time down here! I hope you have an amazing first summer in Edinburgh! I wish I researched how many festivals they have there as when I went a few years ago I came back the day before Fringe started. Although there was a lot of pretty cool market stalls still open which was something at least!

      A sunny trip to France sounds great, where abouts will you be going? Hopefully I will be off to visit my friend who just moved to the Hague next month and I think I will have a browse on Skyscanner to see what cheap trips I can find in Europe. I saw some tickets to Bosnia for £11 the other day so that might be worth a go!

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

    2. Hi,
      Hague sounds great! And Bosnia too 😉 I haven't been there yet. It's exciting to discover new places 😀
      I will be going to Bordeaux in August, this is my hometown and luckily a nice place to visit for holidays.
      Take care,

  2. I was actually in Italy this April. My friend and I had planned and saved for the trip for over a year. I was so unbelievably lucky that I didn’t have much pain during the whole experience. It was literally like divine intervention. This disease has ruined things for me before. This summer I think I’m laying low and taking care of my body. Lots of walks, fresh air, meditation, good food. I’m just trying to nourish my body and be really intentional with how I treat it. I think the more that I put into it the more I get out. I really enjoy summer heat and it’s very good for my bones. As a New Yorker, I feel you on the London weather. The winters are long and wet and horrible! But July and august in NYC Means the sea is just about swimmable, ha!

    1. Hey,
      I went to Italy in May for a long weekend and the wedding of a good friend. It was absolutely magical, we were in Tuscany for four days but my mind stayed there for longer!! 😉
      I am happy you had a great trip there, Italy is so beautiful and the food is delicious.
      Take care,

    2. so glad to hear that your body behaved itself and you managed a pain free trip! How was Italy? Where abouts did you go? I haven't been back since 2015 and am desperate to head over there again soon!

      Sounds like a good idea to treat your body to a healthy summer and I hope in return it gives you more pain free times to enjoy! Hopefully you will be feeling up for having a splash about in the sea when it finally gets swimmable haha!

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

  3. Great question ! I've been recovering but would love to get out and about. Here in AZ, the temps have reached (so far) about 113 degrees. These days, you either are in a pool, under the sprinklers, or in the house doing activities. On cooler days, I'd like to get out to the botanical gardens down the road a bit and see the blooming flowers there and buy fresh produce, or possibly get to the city and see a show or take in a concert. Miss the artsy activities I so used to thrive on. Wishing you and the community a healthy, calm, pain-free summer. Rebecca (comm advc)

    1. Hi,
      I remember you told me about your daughter going to Edinburgh!
      When you and / or your daughter are coming here, please let me know. It would be good to meet in person!! 😀
      Take care, Julie.

    2. Hey There - hoping you are doing well, and that summer is kind to you. I will DM you about our trip. Hoping I feel fairly well by then. It would be GREAT to finally meet and sit and talk a bit. Rebecca (comm advc)

  4. Hey James

    How's it going? Aww I hope you get some warm weather soon. I'm in Florida so it's kind of like summer all year round here but the summertime does get a bit hotter, and the humidity is terrible. My younger son will be turning 10 on June 16th so I'm planning to take him to Disney I just hope my body will be able to handle it. So many things to do here but i have to do them in increments because you know this pain in the AS life, we live prevents us from having too much fun! "You want to have fun what no way" That's my body talking to me lol!

    Wishing you all the best
    Nadine (Community Member)

    1. Hey ,

      I'm not doing too bad thanks, we got a glimpse of sun today so hopefully it will be returning full time soon! Wow I am so jealous of your sun situation over there! Although the humidity not so much haha.

      Awwh wow, happy birthday to the little man! What a lucky boy he is that his mum is spoiling him like that! I hope that your body pulls through and you guys are able to have an amazing time!

      Haha I have the same exact conversations with my body too! Let's hope our bodies behave themselves and let us have fun this summer!

      Wishing you well,
      James (Community Member)

    2. Hey James Glad to hear your hanging in there! yes hopefully our bodies allow us to have some fun this summer and not kick our AS haha! wishing you the best my friend!
      Nadine (Community Member)

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