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Spinal stenosis

I had my MRI today for my neck stiffness, pain and vomiting I've been having and it showed Shallow disc bulges more prominent to the right at C3-4
and C4-5 touching the thecal sac producing minimal/mild central
Left-sided uncovertebral spur C5-6 with mild left foraminal narrowing
Has anyone else had these type of results I'm having symptoms a lot of them but primary numbness and tingling in arm and legs bladder issues weakness in the extremities fatigue and multiple others I've been through the injections the nsaids the therapy and it's just getting progressively worse what additional treatment can I try upon doing research I discovered that cervical instability can cause vagues nerve issues anyone else head of this any suggestions would be appreciated

  1. ms is one of those autoimmune issues that is difficult to diagnose. my keyboard is malfunctioning so i will try to continue. the problem lies in the fact that one person's ms symptoms can be completely different from another. the other interesting thing is that as and ms can have overlapping symptoms that are very similar. nowdays, an mri is the go to diagnostic tool for ms. you can have sclerosis lesions in your brain and in your spinal column. it's the sensory symptoms that can overlap, pain, numbness and tingling. weakness. my rheumatologist was part of a study done in the ninety's that verified that people who had ms did worse on and that cosentyx is the safest med for them. unfortunately it may take time to diagnose ms because of the complexities. good luck!

    1. - I've had several surgeries as I have had severe issues with my spine while dealing with inflammation from SpA for a long time. Each area - cervical, thoracic, and lumbar - has been fused at one or more levels. I have the arm tingling and weakness you mentioned and numerous discectomies and laminectomies along with the fusions. I've had a myriad of RFAs as well along with a few joint replacements, such as hip replacement and thumb and hand surgery.

      All of the components of your MRI, foraminal narrowing, central stenosis, etc, can possibly indicate nerve compression producing numbness and tingling. And, I bet there may be more going on. I hope you get in to see a spine specialist soon and have a discussion about appropriate treatment. Here's a link to an article that may help. - Sending relief your way. Rebecca (team member)

      1. my area of hard earned knowledge is my lumbar and sacral spine. I do have C-spine involvement but it doesn't bother me...yet!

        From my experience, once someone reaches the point that you are at, surgical intervention is usually warranted. There are a few minimally invasive surgeries that can bring a lot of relief. Micro-disectomies and laminectomies come to mind. These are minor decompression surgeries with fast healing times and a tiny incision or two.

        Botox injections are another option as well as radio frequency ablation. Maybe this information can be used to open a dialogue with your medical team. I hope it at least gives you some new ideas to pursue.

        Are you on a biologic yet?

        1. , I have AS in the lowback, but also in the neck. In the neck, I also have DISH and cervical stenosis and am basically fused from c3 down to c7 then from t1 to t-10. I also have MS. I think I have had AS longer than MS. My doctor immediately put me on a biologic, Cosentyx, because it is the only one I can take because of having MS. It reduced my pain hugely. I also have bladder problems. Ideally, a biologic and be helpful in reducing inflammation and prevention or slowing of progression. Best of luck with your treatment. LisaWy

          1. yes I'm on methotrexate and Humana and my Ra Dr is sending me to a spine specialist and I have had a radio frequency ablation on both sides

          2. thats something else I've been researching because I'm having multiple systems symptoms and I wonder if I could also have Ms

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