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Were any symptoms on Axial Spondyloarthritis surprising?

Did you experience any unexpected symptoms when you were diagnosed with AxSpa?
Are you wondering if anyone else experienced these symptoms?
Are you unsure if these symptoms are connected with AxSpa?
Share with the community below!

  1. What surprised me were my GI symptoms and eye pain and light sensitivity.

    1. Hi ,
      Getting diagnosed with AS has brought on symptoms that I had to learn from the groups and other AS members. Getting diagnosed was the all of a sudden increased low back pains I was having, weakness in the legs and the extreme fatigue. I keep getting unexplained eye pains, seeing floaters and also sore eyes. I have read it can come with AS, but have seen numerous opthomologist and all keep telling me it's from chronic fatigue. Wondering if it actually is the disease. When I got diagnosed, I thought it was only about pain in the back. Months after I realized how it was not just pain in the back. I get peripheral pains with it also. Pains in every part of my body, wrists, back, chest, eyes, finger toes, ankles, legs. You name it. Sometimes I do think there must be more going on. Every time a I get periods of long term flares, I do wonder if I am the only one. But when I come into the groups, I see I am not the only one feeling these symptoms. It's hard, but one day at a time. Hope you are doing well. I want to wish you happy holidays. Would love to see what other member feel and what they have to say.

      Wishing you well,

      Nicky (community member)

      1. Hi, just about 2 weeks ago I had fia hip arthroscopic surgery on my right hip. The left one needs to be repaired as well for torn labrum. I am wondering if this can happen again? Does the inflammation make tears even though it has been repaired?
        I’m so happy I can share this with someone.
        Thank you

        1. Happy Holidays! I too have labral tears, going on a few years now, and have had a left hip replacement I will probably need the right done within 5 years. I've asked this question as well. But, no labral repairs. I am told tears are mechanical in nature, due to injury, or caused by osteoarthritis, but inflammation in the joint can result from these issues and become a big problem, especially due to the full-body systemic inflammation created by spondyloarthritis, which can be extremely difficult to manage. I am sure if the inflammation of the labrum isn't reduced, on the whole, and muscular imbalance isn't resolved, it may become weak and tear again/more. Strengthening the joint after the repair is important, allowing the joint to move freely and properly to avoid further injury. Hoping you are having relief of pain following surgery. Best of wellness to you - Rebecca (comm advc)

        2. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

      2. Hi

        For me the most unexpected symptom was a period of severe chest pains. I now know that this was Costochondritis which is not too uncommon with this condition. But it was a surprise even for my rheumatologist who sent me for an ECG thinking it was a hear problem which gave me a bit of a scare!

        Other than that I sometimes get ulcers which is apparently caused by my AS too. Although I can't remember the medical name for them as it was a very long and hard to pronounce one!

        How about you, have you experienced any surprising symptoms?

        Best wishes,
        James (Community Member)

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