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Tell us you have AS without saying you have AS....

Alright, let's try out this trend. Tell me you have AS without saying you have AS.

  1. I'm frequently asked "was that you?!" when they hear my body snap, crackle, or pop!

    1. After all these years, I finally found a T-shirt that says it all: EVERYTHING HURTS and you want me TO SMILE?

      1. Oh that really sums it up !

    2. Managing aching in places that have never been injured is my greatest achievement

      1. Don I couldn't agree more. How are you feeling today? How was your weekend?

        Nicky (Team Member)

    3. It’s a cane day.

      1. Good one @Motherprednisone. Just a few words but paints a picture we all immediately understand!

      2. Hi @Motherprednisone

        How are you doing? It's ok if today is a day that you need support. I know I get those days and have my cane right by my side to help keep going.

        Hugs and strength your way,

        Nicky (Team Member)

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