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Using a Wheelchair?

I may be buying a wheelchair tomorrow to use for longer family outings and I'm semi-conflicted about the idea. On one hand, I feel like I need to work as much as possible to walk on my own (with a cane for balance/partial support)...on the other hand, I wind up opting out of outings with my wife and grandkids if lots of walking/standing will be involved. I just giving up, or being sensible?

  1. I am happy with the Pride GoGo 4 wheeler. I had the 3 wheeler, but found the 4 wheeler to be more stable. here’s a link to their website: Amazon has the same price as most dealers. I suggest to find a local dealer so you can try it out. Good luck.

    1. Brilliant! Thank you!

  2. if means allow, I would really suggest getting a mobility scooter. I got one a few years ago and it has made a world of difference. The one I have breaks down into 4 lighter pieces and fits into any trunk. It assembles in less than 2 minutes and I get to do just about everything now.

    1. I don’t have any issues indoors. Outdoor, it is best on pavement or other flat surfaces. It doesn’t do well on grass or gravel or cobble stone. Let me know if you need specific model info. I had tested several and even sold my first one to get something better suited for me and my wife (since she is the one talking it in and out of car).

    2. OMG! The model and make info would be so welcome! My wife is barely able to lift my manual wheelchair.

  3. My dad didn’t want a wheelchair for a really long time. This year he used one at the airport, amusement park and we got him to the beach that way.
    Usually he walks, but for things like that he uses a wheelchair.

    1. To be honest I remember my fells looking up mobility scooters and me saying. no, no I have a cane. Now, whilst dragging my feet across the floor in my very small supermarket I wish I had let him get one. Then we could have finished what we had started and not stopped cos I couldn't walk anymore

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