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What if the prescription meds are no longer an option?

Hi all- looking for information about treatment options if you can no longer take the dmards, anti-tnf, etc
what supplements or other things do you do?

  1. Hi SheeraPoP -

    A functional medical specialist or naturopathic doctor may be able to help you. They tend to focus on the "whole" person and the cause as opposed to treating just symptoms as in traditional medicine. Seeing you are having difficulty with DMARDs, and Anti-TNFs, this may be the direction you need to go. Supplements are so tricky. You can also manage your pain with TENS unit, exercise, heat/cold, massage therapy, etc. such as complementary or alternative therapies.

    Rebecca (community advocate)

    1. Hi Sheera,
      I am sorry to hear you have tried many different options and it is not working out for you. Please don't lose hope. There are many other things you can try. Have you spoken with your rheumatologist if there is any other treatment that you can maybe be open to try? I know for some it can take many tries and several medications to find the right one. Sometimes even with combinations. If you would like a more natural approach, you can try acupuncture, massage therapist can help reduce tension and help relax muscles, stretching, yoga for AS... exercises in water can help. Have you tried physiotherapy? I have seen several and I would recommend to make sure they specialize in AS.
      I know everyone is different and not everything works or helps the same way. I am still in the process of learning what helps. I just recently started taking turmeric supplement, as I read it can help reduce inflammation and joint pain. Have you tried to maybe see a naturopath ? They would be very helpful on showing you a better approach taking this path.
      I hope you find something that will help you.

      Take care,

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