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What Part of the World are you From?

Hello everyone!

We have an amazing community here and I thought it would be a good idea for us to share what part of the world we are from!

My name is Ali and I am from a little town in County Cork in Ireland!

Where are you from?

  1. Hi I am from North West PA close to Erie. The weather here is an issue with the capability of all four seasons in one day to often. Nice to meet everyone and hear all the things that help people. Myself I use the heating pad as much as possible I found one on Amazon that covers the neck all the way down the back !! I hope when this reaches you all that your feeling fabulous and enjoying the spring flowers and all these gorgeous colors.

    1. that's such a lovely message from you!

      I'm in Melbourne Australia so it's Autumn (Fall) here right now and verrry chilly! I'm a little envious at the thought of those spring blooms you're enjoying but every season has its beauty.

      Love the sound of that heating pad, I'm snuggling under my electric throw rug today as I sit at my desk and it's doing a great job of keeping my back nice and warm.

      Wishing you all the best Dottie!

      Anne-Marie (Patient Leader)

  2. Middle-of-nowhere, Illinois. Think the movie Footloose, but lame. Hello to all the UK folks! Hoping to visit soon on my honeymoon!

    1. Hi Ali,
      I'm from Ontario, Canada.

      1. Hi
        I’m from Reading in England.
        Must say my Doctors and Rheumatologist at the local hospital have been amazing to me in helping me with my Ankylosing spondylitis.
        From the first onset of symptoms to being diagnosed they have been great.
        Giving me what I need when I need. Currently taking Imraldi every two weeks and this seems like a good choice. Still suffer with flare ups but no where near as bad as the pain I was in before being diagnosed.
        I like to think at the moment my disease is stable and my last recent MRI confirmed this.
        I still suffer with really bad fatigue I would say it’s the biggest factor now which affects my health nearly everyday.
        Unfortunately I’m my own worst enemy sometimes as I find it difficult to just sit and do nothing even when I’m in pain or fatigued.
        Stay well fellow sufferers.

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