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What foods make you flare?

It seems like everyone has certain food(s) they avoid because it can trigger symptom flares.

What foods or drinks have you removed from your diet to reduce inflammation and pain?

  1. I really think, for me, it's processed foods: breads, starchy stuff, sugary treats, cereals. Too much alcohol DOES ME IN.

    I feel best when I am drinking tons of water everyday (like, 2 huge mason jars' worth) and eating tons of greens. High health fat helps too: olives, salmon, avos. 😀

    1. I have noticed anything fried and red meat bothers me and can make me flare up even more. I stopped eating eggs also as it makes me feel unwell. It takes time to notice. It can be hard to cut out the foods you love. But little, little it's worth it if it means to be in less pain. I been trying to follow a gluten-free diet. I try my best to stick to healthier foods with low sugar and higher fats.

  2. Yes I am with you Rebecca, I like hibiscus tea! That makes me think that I have a stock of dried flowers that I could use to make a pot 😉

    1. Hello,
      That is a good question indeed! I have done a specific diet in the past, called the Low FODMAP diet, to identify any food that might be linked to my IBS symptoms. I did not find any particular food that would trigger a flare, but for me it's more about the load of these types of food high in FODMAP that would make me having a episode.
      Since then, I watch the amount of carb I eat every day, and avoid white bread, plain pasta and potatoes. I go for wholegrain carbs, eat wholemeal bread and brown pasta. Generally, eating rice, quinoa is a safest option for me. That means I can still enjoy some carbs 😀

      1. I have found that dairy, sugar definitely lead to more pain.

        1. Hello Jo
          that sounds tough. I like dairy but I'm fine going without sugar. I struggle more with spicy food which, typically, I really enjoy. I had to give up on curries a few years ago but I am used to not having them now.
          Do you have a sweet tooth?
          Steve - Community Advocate

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