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Are you HLA-B27 positive or negative?

I posted this forum on the AS site. I thought it was important to share here too.

HLA-B27 seems to be the main gene that they test for when diagnosing someone with AS. But it seems so many people are negative.

I am negative.

Are you HLA-B27 positive or negative?

Ali (Community Member)

  1. negative and frustrated.

    1. Positive…

      1. - Hi - How is treatment managing your AxSpA? Do you find being positive has affected how you are treating the disease? Has your doctor recommended anything over other options? Wishing you relief from any discomfort that comes your way.

      2. so a name for this “mess” of symptoms, that define my life, has floated from AS to PsA with inflammatory arthritis thrown in there, non radiographicAxS, oh yeah and rheum has mentioned fibro…My regular Dr, who is internal medicine has done the most for pain treatment, rheumatologist is not doing anything but looking at joints and writing prescriptions for biologics. I’m at a real pivot point. My one knee has gone from 0-10 and now planning a knee replacement. So that means stopping biologic, and nsaid and that’s the pain management meds….as for B27, it doesn’t seem to make any difference to these Drs.

    2. I'm negative. But my combination of symptoms and confirmation of sacroiliitis pointed to nr-AxSpa

      1. Hi Jill,

        Thank you for sharing. I am negative as well and the same combination of symptoms and MRI helped get diagnosis. It's funny how everyone is different.

        Hope you're doing well. How are you feeling today?

        Nicky (Team Member)

    3. I am positive

      1. I'm positive also, do you find your treatment is effective or have you been having a hard time managing symptoms? Please keep us updated, its been a few months. Best of holidays! Rebecca (comm advc)

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